2020 Fall Screening & Voting Page

Can you believe it? We’ve come to the end of the term! You all should feel immensely proud for the work you’ve with the limitations (and opportunities for creativity) presented to you this term. We have seen some really awesome work, pushing the bars for this class ever higher at Milestone 3. It’s exciting to be able to see the final products. Let’s get started.


I know you want to get into it so I’ll keep this short. On each screening day, you will be picking Audience Choice Best Option 1 & Best Option 2. You MAY vote for your film BUT each individual may only vote ONCE. Voting is open only to students enrolled in the class. If voting exceeds the number of students, then all films from the screening will be disqualified for the Audience Choice categories.

This page is UNLISTED and not a public page. We will cross reference the Canvas License Quiz before we make this content public. Any content listed as no publish on the Surveymonkey will be screened only within the discord group.

Screening Day 1: Group Projects & Worksafe BC Violations
Drama, Nominated, Option 1, Screening 1, Winning
Screening Day 2: Group Projects & Burn Baby Burn
Screening Day 3: Singles, Lonely & Heartbreaking v Uplifting & Growth
Screening Day 4: Hungry For It