A Way Home

About This Project

Technical Nominations in Best Cinematography,  Best Overall Film, Best Effects


After a lab incident goes awry, a lone scientist must teleport through space and time so that she can make it back home, lest she be stuck in an alternate dimension forever.


Team Credits
Director: Bhalinder Oberoi
Writer: Mackenzie Scholz
Assistant Director: Elina Mokhammad
Editor: Mackenzie Scholz
Visual Effects: Ishmael Togi
Sound Design: Bhalinder Oberoi
Storyboard: Elina Mokhammad
Screenplay: Mackenzie Scholz
Camera: Bhalinder Oberoi
Assistant Camera: Ishmael Togi
Sound: Mackenzie Scholz
Assistant Sound: Ishmael Togi
Graphic Designer: Elina Mokhammad


Cast Credits
Marylin Actor, Dana AlHabbash
James Actor, Morgan Kay


Special Thanks
Shayan Hosseini Co producer
Hrant Ahanisyan Director of Photography
Xiangxi Yu Assistant director
BTS camera op Sam Wang
Zohouri Atabi Sfx makeup artist assistant

Drama, Nominated