Secret Admirer

About This Project

Technical Nominations in Cine, Editing, Sound, Practical & Visual FX


It was just another silent night at home for Jamie, until she was disturbed by an uninvited guest. Who is this mysterious figure and what malicious intent do they have in store for Jamie? This horrifying thriller will place her at the edge of despair as she struggles to survive this invasion.

Team Awesome

Jo-Lynne Koh, Director; Rico Lam, Cinematographer; Grace Lai, Editor; Brian Park, Sound Editor


Ana Sofia Romero, Jamie; Sean Lazuardi, Shawn; Erin Smith, Lucy

Crew Credits

Jo-Lynne, Light Setup, Storyboard; Rico Lam, Camera Operator; Grace Lai, Makeup, Light Operator; Brian Park, Sound Recorder, Light Operator

Horror, Nominated, Thriller