Dear Son

About This Project

Winner in Best Editing
Technical Nominations in Best Film, Best Cinematography, Best Story


A man who used to be excellent has suffered from the passing of the family and indulged himself. While suddenly an unexpected letter from his mom starts to make a difference.


Team Credits
Lam Mang Wai Jacky: Editor, Screenwriter, Lighting, Subtitler
Ruijie Liu: Sound Designer, Boomer, Screenwriter, Subtitle Translator
Dan Peng: Screenwriter, Production Assistant, Script Supervisor, Subtitle Translator
Yuncheng Chen: Director, Editor, Colorist, Screenwriter, Lighting


Cast Credits
Jiahe(son), lan Kim Mom, Sherry Huang Jiahe’s girlfriend(voice),Ruijie Liu


Special Thanks
Susan Clement Vivian, Professor
Kick Chen, TA
J Tseng, TA
Yukun Lin, Best Boy
Kitty Chung, Subtitle Proofreading
Amie Guo, Subtitle Proofreading
Frances Su, Subtitle Proofreading

Drama, Nominated, Winning