Kalmont Police Department New Recruit Training Video: Case study #1- Interrogations

About This Project

Winner of Best Comedy, Runner up Audience Choice Award
Technical Nominations in
Art Direction

A documentary crew chronicles a greenhorn homicide detective as he is tested with his very first interrogation with an uncooperative witness.


Creators Commentary
We wrote this film around our actor friend’s superb Donald Duck impression.


Team Credits
Jonathan Newman, Director/Music/VFX/Writer
Taylor Liu, Cinematographer/Production Design/Writer
Herman Chan: Sound recorder + editor/Writer
Zak Zastera, Cinematographer/Editor/Writer


Cast Credits
Det. Rocky Rhodes, Roy Domingo
Eisah Whitt, Matthew Armstrong Sgt. John Sully,
Zak Zastera Sound crew (character),
Taylor Liu Crew member trying to pick up the lights
Rhodes knocked over, Jonathan Newman


Special Thanks
Injabie3, For letting us use a picture of his anime room




Comedy, Nominated, Winning