Rise & Fall

About This Project

Technical Nominations in Best Story, Best Editing

Audience Nominations in Best Human in a Leading Role, Best Drama, People’s Choice Award

Logline A drama short film that talks about a male dancer struggles to overcome a past trauma that damaged both his body and mind. The story wants to communicate an intended meaning, that is, regardless of the situation we are in, it is best to always think positively and with a “can-do” attitude.

Team Team 6

Thanh Huong Le (director, screen writer, camera man, video editor)
Taralyn Karras (director, screen writer, camera man, video editor)
Kirby Woo (screen writer, video editor)
Jerry Chuang


Sonja Holgersen – Jackie
Jenny Nguyen – Nadia

Other Crew 

Composer (Alvin Yang)

Drama, Nominated