Unwanted Whispers

About This Project

Winner in Best Sound
Technical Nominations in Best Film, Best Sound, Best Story


An ambitious crime junkie is gifted a pair of special headphones that allow him to hear people’s secrets, With this newfound ability, he begins to suspect his best friend of being a cold-blooded killer.


Team Credits
Director: Priscilla Mayfield,
Writer: Zoya Noor,
Editor: Zeeyad Monir,
Sound: Zeeyad Monir,
Producer: Jasper Ling,
Camera: Jasper Ling & Brent Waldbillig


Cast Credits
Kai – Gurdaur Duhre
Jordan – Michael Ian Murphy
Robber – Jasper Ling
Wallet Owner – Zeeyad Monir
Cheater – Brent Waldbillig
News Anchor – Andréa Vawda
Whispers – Andréa Vawda


Special Thanks
Apartment Location: Chris M. & Joeun C.

Nominated, Thriller, Winning