Alternate Headspace

About This Project

Winner in Best Art Direction
Technical Nominations in Best Film, Best Cinematography, Best Sound


In an act of desperation, a destitute mother subjects herself to a life-altering experiment to financially support her child, where time is just a figment of imagination.


Creator Commentary
My main vision of the story is based on how today’s society is filled with the need of power and can get cruel and unethical to the point that people can see each other as guinea pigs and means to achieve their personal goals and needs.


Team Credits
Kais Neffati sound design – boom operator – editor
Faisal Noor camera operator – editor
Vanessa Zwierzchowski gaffer and grip- production design- editor
Tina Kardan Director – Producer – Writer – Key Makeup artist


Cast Credits
Evelyne Kennedy Rainer
Doctor Ryan Trieus
Nurse Fiona Lumen Beltran
Assistant nurse Vanessa Zwierzchowski


Special Thanks
Shayan Hosseini Co producer
Hrant Ahanisyan Director of Photography
Xiangxi Yu Assistant director
BTS camera op Sam Wang
Zohouri Atabi Sfx makeup artist assistant

Nominated, Thriller, Winning