Blue Flowers

About This Project

In an act of desperation, a destitute mother subjects herself to a life-altering experiment to financially support her child, where time is just a figment of imagination.


Team Credits
Director, Audio, Casting, Scriptwriter: Alicia LeClercq.
Camera, Colourist, Photo Editor, Casting, Scriptwriter: Christine An.
Editor, Audio, Storyboard, Scriptwriter: Coco Zhou.
Camera, Storyboard, Scriptwriter: Hanako Oba.
Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Audio, Scriptwriter: Jillian Li.


Cast Credits
Andrew, Andrew Chao.
Becca, Victoria Ferreira.
Make-up Artist, Tina Kardan.


Special Thanks
Flower Shop, Studio Full Bloom
House Location, Hanako Oba
House Location, Taekwon Kwon
TA, J Tseng, and Catherine Pearce
Instructor, Susan Clements-Vivian


Drama, Romance