About This Project

Technical Nominations in Editing & Art Direction

A suspicious young man engages in a materialistic relationship with a women who may have secrets of her own when an unexpected setup exposes the reality of their fabricated relationship.

Team Conned
Michelle Li (Director, Writer, Editor, Cinematographer), David Cheung (Director, Editor, Cinematographer, Production design, Transportation), Joanne Fung (Writer, Editor, Director, Cinematographer, Production design, Frank Wen (Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Transportation)

Hatago Marlin Priebe – Travis Dennett, Ericka Bawer – Ericka Bawer, Café Waitress – Michelle Li, Background – David Cheung, Frank Wen, Joanne Fung

Other Crew
Frank Wen – Camera Operator + Zoom operator, David Cheung – Lighting + Boom, Joanne Fung & Michelle – Setup + Camera/Directing

Crime, Nominated, Thriller