For My Sister

About This Project

Technical Nominations in Best Story



A young university student Kelsey Robinson undergoes a challenging couple of days trying to improve her academic standing; while leaning on her sister Hannah for support. In doing so she blurs the line between her imagination and reality.


Team JAMS Production

Sound: Arnel, Mahima, Steven

Cinematographer: Arnel, Steven

Director: Julia

Producer: Steven

First AC: Arnel, Steven

Clapboard Person: Arnel, Julia, Mahima

Editor: Arnel, Julia, Mahima, Steven

Colourist: Arnel, Steven

Sound Mixer: Arnel, Steven

Set Design Director: Julia, Mahima

Prop director: Mahima

Art design director: Julia, Mahima



Aleksandra Koel: Kelsey Robinson

Emma Bonner: Hannah Robinson

Shalimar Barron: the voice of the mother.

Drama, Nominated