The Magic Pills

About This Project

Technical Nominations in Cine, Art Direction, Story, Practical & Visual Effects 


During final exam season, an anxious and delusional girl is encouraged by her best friend to take some pills. Her hallucinations get stronger and she began to confuse the reality with illusion, so she increases her dosage and seeks help from her friends. In the process of seeking help, something terrible happened on her.

Team The Magic Pill

Director : Lanyuke Wang
screen writer :Yuqingqing Mu
audio coordinator : Yang Wan
Editor: Lanyuke Wang Jose Lopez Yuqingqing Mu

Camera operator : Lanyuke Wang,Yuqingqing Mu
Audio Coordinator:Yang Wan
Lighting opertor: Jose Lopez
Casting: Yang Wan, Yuqingqing Mu


1 Harumy Tanajara ….Christine
2 Megan FJell …. Brittney
3 Man in black …. Emil Hunter
4 Christine boy friend…. Jose Lopez

Horror, Nominated