Matching Souls

About This Project

Technical Nominations in Best Cinematography, Best Film


This an upbeat take on classic romance films follows a confident man with the ability to read the minds of women around him. His stale dating life changes when he meets a mysterious woman who he doesn’t know how to please.


Creator Commentary
For this student project we really wanted to focus on having a fun, enjoyable, and upbeat pace. We put an emphasis in the use of music for supporting the pacing, producing of sets, and exploring an intimate relationship between the main character and the audience via “breaking the 4th wall of film”


Team Credits
Director: Guanlin Chen, Sahil Mann –
Writer: Sahil Mann –
Producer: Sahil Mann, Rabab Altarazi –
Editors: Guanlin Chen, Rabab Altarazi, Meishan Dong, Ningzhi Tai –
Sound: Sahil Mann, Ningzhi Tai, Rabab Altarazi


Cast Credits
Ben (Male Lead): Christian Caputo
Emily (Female Lead): Teeka Rose Nedilenka
Supporting Cast: Rahaf El Shaarawi

Nominated, Romance