No Escape

About This Project

In this suspense thriller, A young detective is trying to solve a mysterious murder case, unknowing that his investigation could put himself in a dangerous situation.


Team Credits
Baidiya Huang, Ciel, Assistant Director/ Storyboard Artist
Minyang Zhang, Justin, Editor/Sound Editor/Scriptwriter
Zhengji Li, George, Editor/Sound Editor/Scriptwriter
Siyu Chen, Tim, Director /Director of Photography


Cast Credits
Sheriff Smith, Justin
Sheriff John, George
Detective Bob, King


Special Thanks
I would like to thank King for his role in our short film, which took a long time to shoot, about six days. Thanks for his patience and excellent acting.
Big Thanks to my supportive crew, we learned a lot about film making… It’s HARD and magical. We faced conflicts and challenges but we handle them like a pro.

Drama, Thriller