About This Project

Win in Best Overall Film, People’s Choice Award

Technical Nominations in Best Cinematography, Best Editing

Audience Nominations in Best Human in a Leading Role, Best Drama, People’s Choice Award

Logline During a night on the town, a drunken man gets into an altercation with a gang member. The next morning, the drunken man shows up to a meeting between two powerful local gang leaders as a hired translator. Upon recognizing one gang leader from the night before, he uses his role to change the course of the meeting and exact his revenge.

Team Universal Screwhole Pictures

Yan Tymoshenko, Director; Brendan McKay, Script Writer, Michael Su, Sound Designer


Hatago Marlin Priebe, The Translator; Daniel Diemer, Jojo; Brian Park, Junhee; Cara h, Henchman; Gunhee Lee, Henchman

Other Crew 

Yan Tymoshenko, Camera Operator, Editor; Michael Su, Sound Recorder, Sound Editor, Brendan McKay, Script

Action, Drama, Nominated, Winning