About This Project

In this heartwarming and absurd comedy, a heartbroken student finds companionship in a peculiar gourd.


Creator’s Commentary
Watching a film and creating a film are two widely different concepts. As individuals, we all were either film enthusiasts or the average movie-goer. Creating a production like this was definitely a challenge for each of us. From lighting to cinematography, to editing, none of us had a ton of prior experience. Even though the film was a requirement for this class and our end result would essentially showcase what we learned in the class, at the end of the day (as cheesy as it sounds) it really was all about the journey. When we first wrote our story, we intended to have a focus on human’s fascination with materialism. As for all of us, we get easily attached to any objects whether it be for emotional or very random reasons. It wasn’t till we got further into our story development that we realized that people have more than just a deep fascination to things but we get emotionally attached. We choose to hold on and end up creating these bonds with these things that bring us joy. This was a concept that we wanted to showcase in our film and how our connections are what keep us alive not just the thing itself. Never in our wildest dreams did we think that we would create a film with this kind of quality where all of us can be proud of given the lack of knowledge, true experience, sleepless nights, late shoots and mishaps. We all realized our limited knowledge and with a production like this, we figured that it was never going to be truly easy. We faced a ton of problems that we couldn’t account for and was a true learning experience being able to work around it especially when you are in a time crunch. None of this could have happened though if it weren’t for our amazing and very patient talents. For Melissa and Sebrea, we all want to express our genuine gratitude and we wish you all the best in your careers. Like we’ve mentioned, watching a film and creating one are two very different things and after being in a small production like this, we’ve learned to gain a lot of respect for the people in the industry. Now with that being said, we hope you enjoy our film and find it as lighthearted and wholesome as it can get and fall in love with our characters and the squash as well. One more thing though, to Jay our amazing TA, we hope we made you proud!


Cast: Olivia, Melissa Kwan Sunny, Sebrea Song Squash, Squash Romantic Couple, Kitty Cheung & Christina Wong Patrick, Paolo Chung Patrick’s Girlfriend, Jeanin Chung Pedestrian, Grace Kim Friend #1, Kali Stierle Friend #2, Sandy Chung Crew: Directors, Kitty Cheung & Sandy Chung Producers, Grace Kim & Christina Wong Writers, Kitty Cheung, Sandy Chung, Grace Kim & Christina Wong Director of Photography, Sandy Chung Lighting Designer, Grace Kim Sound and Foley, Christina Wong Production Designers, Kitty Cheung & Christina Wong Talent Manager, Christina Wong Editor, Grace Kim Casting Directors, Kitty Cheung & Christina Wong Camera Operators, Sandy Chung & Kitty Cheung Post Production Supervisors, Grace Kim & Sandy Chung Sound Designer, Grace Kim Colourist, Grace Kim Visual Effects, Sandy Chung


Special Thanks
Li Na Huang Abbie Chung Bryce Kenner Jay Tseng Kali Stierle Ana Susilo Keith Leung Noa Kim Aliasger Rasheed Jarrod Pan Alvin Leung Hailie Lee 전아인 홍혜원