About This Project

Runner up in Cinematography, Art Direction

Technical Nominations in Cinematography, Editing, Art Direction

Set in a world where society has been labeled into three classes, a man born with only a single stripe wants nothing more than to live his life. Faced with constant discrimination and belittlement, the only thing keeping him sane is his best friend. However, with the difference in their lifestyles becoming more and more apparent, he struggles to keep his emotional and mental stability.

Team Striped
Sean Jeong, Director
Daisy Lee, Assistant Director
Reina Kim, Executive Producer
Chell Li, Cinematographer, editor
Anne Duong, Make-up Artisit, editor

Belal Hussein, Alan
David Brenneman, Josh
Genevieve Soo, Josh’s Girlfriend
Sabrina Sanchez, Interviewer
Gavin Ham, Waiter

Other Crew

Drama, Nominated, Winning