The Forgotten Color

About This Project

Win in Best Visual & Special FX

Technical Nominations in Best Film, Best FX, Best Art Direction

Audience Nominations in Best Human in a Leading Role, Best Drama, People’s Choice Award

Logline In a dystopian world where nature does not serve a purpose and it is forgotten, a young, a young stockbroker named Dan discovers the method to gain colour vision by visiting nature, but he becomes an outcast in his company.

Team -no name-

Donny Wu – editing (VFX) and filming, Elene Wanner – lighting and presentation slides and credits scene. Elisha Wang – lighting, create diagrams, recorded some coworkers and miscellaneous. Xiaoting (Ridge) Zhang – music composition and sound.


Suki Kang – Dan,
Elene Wanner – AI.
Ridge Zhang – coworker,
Elisha Wang – coworker,
Daniel DeBei – coworker,
Davide Friesen – coworker


Nominated, Sci Fi / Fantasy, Winning