The Foster Home

About This Project

An orphaned girl is discontent with her life when suddenly she finds a strange map to transport her out of reality.

Aisha Wewala, Producer & Director
Jimmy Lin, Editor & Sound designer
Angelica Wong, Editor

Cast & Crew
Loona, Aisha Wewala
Foster Mom, Shihana Wewala
Missing Girl #1 (Ariel Wang), Angelica Wong
Girl in poster, Sabrina Lee
Boy in poster, Kyson Lee
Mom in photograph, Daughty Preena
Dad in photograph, Nissar Preena
Producer, Aisha Wewala Editors,
Angelica Wong & Jimmy Lin
Costume designer, Aisha Wewala
Sound designer, Jimmy Lin

Special Thanks
Shihana Wewala

Crime & Mystery, Option 1, Screening 1