The Aftermath

About This Project

Win in Cinematography & Best Overall Film

Technical Nominations in Cine, Editing, Sound, Story, Best Overall Film 


A drama short film about a teenage girl struggling to confront her reality after a recent traumatic experience at a high school party.

Team Break

Clare Maglanoc: Director, Script Writer, Costume Designer, Makeup Artist Newton Nguyen-Le: Producer, Script Writer, Cinematographer, Art Director, VFX Editor, Lighting Designer Darya Tyugay: Script Writer, Cinematographer, Editor, Art Director, Colourist, Sound Designer Justin Yang: Script Writer, Production Manager, Set Manager, Sound Operator, Lighting Designer.


Molly Grace, Emily; Kyle Guerrero, John; Patric Abey, Adam; Samantha Hermann, Emily’s Mom; Anna Nguyen-Le, Student #1; William Littlejohn, Student #2; Rachel Livingstone, Student #3; Ally Thomas, Teacher.

Drama, Nominated, Winning