The Black Pearls

About This Project

Winner in – Best in VFX & SFX and Art Direction
Technical Nominations in – Cinematography, Editing, Sound, VFX & SFX, Art Direction, Story & Script


A horror film where a girl tries on a necklace she orders. As time passes, strange things begin to happen.

Team Eifles

Director: Luke Yang Camera Operator: Deon Teoh Cinematographer: Deon Teoh Screen Writer: Luke Yang, Xinyu Zhang Editor: Luke Yang, Xinyu Zhang Casting: Xinyu Zhang Sound Designer: Luke Yang, Kimmy Chu Sound Production: Luke Yang VFX Coordinator: Kimmy Chu, Deon Teoh, Xinyu Zhang Audio Coordinator: Kimmy Chu Lighting Operator: Deon Teoh Makeup Artist: Xinyu Zhang Mentor: Justine Zhang


Yifang (Irene) Weng as Charlotte Kimmy Chu as Ghost Xinyu Zhang as Ghost’s hand


Eamon Huang: Light assistant | Ashley Law: Sound production assistant | Carmen Law: Sound production/design assistant | Enrui Liang: Light assistant | Austin Yang: Light assistant

Horror, Nominated, Winning