The Day I Missed You

About This Project

Win in Best Art Direction

Technical Nominations in Best Cinematography, Best FX, Best Art Direction, Best Story

Audience Nominations in Best Human in a Leading Role, Best Drama, People’s Choice Award

Logline A young man who is unable to appreciate his gift of seeing spirits, teams up with his best friend to eradicate his vision, only to discover that losing his gift comes with a cost.

Team 4Spirits

Carolyn Yip: Director, Producer, Script Writer, Editor, VFX, Sound
Siloam Yeung: Director, Script Writer, Cinematographer
Cora Fu: Art Director, Props + Costumes, Sound Operator
Isabelle Soares: Art Director, Costume, Hair and MakeUp Artist, Colourist


Sam Krochmal, Sam
Omar El Dallal, Finn
Tira Hagstedt, Ghost Woman
Emma Wu, Twinkle Toes
Hugo Duran, Charlie
Liam Racz, Ghost 1
Ken Champion, Ghost 2
Sherman Gotinga, Terminator
Ryan Donnelly, Mourning Man
Tina Alidei, Waitress
Alli Petheriotis, Friend 1
John Inlayo, Friend 2
Tyrus Drozda, Friend 3

Drama, Nominated, Winning